Welcome To The Simple New Ordering Process

We're excited to bring you a new purchasing experience via the Through6 Portal to make your ordering process faster, easier and more visual!

This updates brings with it a number of optimizations listed below to improve the speed and accessibility of your product catalog. Browse the new feature list below and don't hesitate to share your thoughts, questions or feedback with our team at [email protected].

Add Multiple SKUs at Once - You no longer need to add SKUs to your cart one by one, as you can now simply tab+enter a quantity for each SKU of a given product to add to your cart all at once.

Dynamic Pricing - Both the Shopping Cart preview and Checkout page now calculates more accurate product pricing for your account to give you a better understanding of final charge, including any applicable discounts, markups and other fees.

Mobile Optimization - Our new favorite update - you can now place orders from the convenience of your mobile device. 

List or Grid - You will be able to use the new Add to Cart functionality in both list and tile view on your My Products page, depending on your navigation preference. 

Product View Shopping - Quickly add products to your cart directly from the Product View page as you publish new products. 

Multi-User Support - All users have their own unique shopping carts, so you and your team's carts won't collide. Make sure the right users have the right access through your user controls

For a full walkthrough on placing manual order, we've updated the related article with the new details.

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