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NOTE: Access to our manual design process is available on request. Please email [email protected] with the subject line "Request Base Template Access" in your subject line and the name of your account in the body. 

While our Product Designer web interface makes it quick and convenient to create new products to sell in minutes, we understand that some of our clients prefer the options and control of using our design templates. If your favorite style is enabled to use the Product Designer interface, this is what you will see by default when you click to create. However, navigating to our legacy design path and downloading design templates for upload is just a click away.

Where do I go to download a design template for a style?

On the Create page, if you click on the Inspect icon for a style, you will see information about that particular style along with a download link at the bottom left.

Please note: Our design templates are made as specific file types: .ai for sublimation and .psd for DTG. You need to be able to fully edit the file type for the style you are creating. If you're trying to edit templates using programs that do not fully support them will likely lead to errors in files and delays on your orders. Support for product design is limited to the respective file type for the style you're creating. 

Downloading Templates using a Safari Browser

If you're downloading a template using a Safari browser, make sure you right-click/control+click and choose "Download Linked File As..."

On the Save dialog, make sure you keep the extension as .ai

Find where you saved the template file and open it using Adobe Illustrator.

*If you click "Download Linked File" instead of "Download Linked File As...", it will automatically save the template as a "" file and you'll need to go into your Finder app to delete the ".ps" from the end of the filename for it to work properly. 

**If you regular click (i.e. do not right-click/control+click) the Download Template link on the page, Safari will save an empty pdf file as the download. This and above are known issues with downloading .ai files on Safari.

Where do I go to upload my design from the template?

So, you've finished designing your product on the design template. That's great! Let's get your design uploaded so you can start selling your product.

First things first, there are two steps you need to confirm before uploading:

  1. Did you properly complete the design template
  2. Did you properly export your base file?

Once you've confirmed the above, you're ready to upload your design and create your product to sell!

1. Click on the Create icon on the style you made a design for using a downloaded template

2. On the Product Designer interface, click on the Adobe Illustrator icon on the bottom left

3. Name your product

*Note: You can also Download Template on this screen if you clicked Create rather than Inspect when browsing our style catalog

4. Upload the Base File you exported from the Design Template

*Note: Please make sure you followed the proper Export instructions above and your .jpg file is named as indicated in the example on the Upload page

Once your base file is uploaded, you will see it listed in Files Added. 

5. Click Next.

You'll have the ability to sync with your ecommerce store. Your product will then be created and ready to sell and order. 

Happy selling!

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