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We partner with a diverse array of brands, from apparel start-ups to premier fashion companies. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to grow their businesses by leveraging our innovative, on-demand business model, which allows you to express your creativity without the risk of excess inventory.

You can sign up in seconds by providing a handful of details and answering an optional survey about your business. There is no cost to get started, and we will not ask you for any payment methods until you're ready to place an order. You will receive an email with login credentials and other information about the Through6 Portal, where you will place and track your orders.


Once you have signed up, your account will be instantly created and you are set to design products and sell your creations right away.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from in the Create Catalog, where the 


Once you've created your first product(s), making a purchase is a few clicks away. You will need to complete payment method setup at this time, and once your order is placed you'll be able to track it's progress directly within your dashboard.

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