How do I fix or edit an existing art file?

If you would like edit an existing product design, or need to correct an item issue, the process of updating an art file is very straight forward.

There are two paths in which you create and/or edit files - the Product Design tool or via the Legacy Upload utility. If you originally created a product via the Product Design tool, you are welcome to use the Legacy Upload utility to overwrite your work, however if you originally created a product via the Legacy Utility, you will not be able to overwrite your work with the Product Design Tool at this time.

Editing a File via the Product Designer tool

The Product Designer tool is not yet available for all styles, however where it is available you are welcome to use it to make adjustments to a file, so long as the product was originally created in the Product Design tool.

Simply head to your My Products page, click the magnifying glass icon to get to the Product View page where you will see the option to EDIT DESIGN

You'll be taken back to your product designer canvas to make whatever adjustments you'd like. Once the design update is all set, you simply need to PROCEED through to completion.

It will take a few moments for the art thumbnail to update on the next page (Product View) with the correct file.

Editing a File via the Product Uploader design path

If you originally created your product via the legacy design path (i.e. designed via Illustrator files and uploaded .jpg Base files), or if simply prefer it over the Product Design tool, you may also choose to make your update by uploading an appropriately configured Base File.

You will want to first ensure you're designing your style with the latest Base Template which you can find via the Download Template link during the Product Uploader process.

To begin, head to the same Product View page as above and click the EDIT DESIGN (if originally Product Designer created) or the RE-UPLOAD FILE (if originally created by template upload) to move forward.

If you're on the Product Designer tool, you will see a small AI (Adobe Illustrator) logo to the bottom left of your screen which you can click to take you to the Product Uploader design path. 

This is the page in which you will want to Download Template to ensue you're using the latest design files, before uploading with your _BASE.jpg file. 

Be sure to export your base file with all the appropriate settings, resolution and sizes to avoid any further complications with your order. Following the Example file name exactly is the best way to ensure there are no issues with uploading to the product correctly.

I've made my edits - now what?

Once you've made the desired updates, you will want to confirm the art thumbnails look accurate to your intent on the Product View page. If the thumbnail previews appear to be in good form, without any unexpected variance, then you're good to go! You can hover over the Art thumbnails size by size to spot check.

All orders on the system in a pre-production state (Unprocessed or Ready to Print) will now pull from the new file instead of the old. Updating the single product page, even if multiple units are on order in various orders, will fix all orders with that product at once!

Don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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