How do I export my design?

When you have completed your design in Illustrator, it is important to export your work with the right settings so the format is compatible and the finished product is as you envisioned.

Export the Artboard

Turn off “INFO” layer. You will no longer see any text/instructions and only the Artboard with the art boxes and your designs will remain.

Hide Info Layer

Select File > Export > Export As…

File - Export - Export As

Save as follows:

  • Save As: Use the naming format ArtName.jpg - "ArtName" representing the Art Name you gave your product
  • Format: JPEG (jpg)
  • Check “Use Artboards”
  • Check "Range" and enter 1
  • Click “Export”

Export - Save As

A new window will pop up and ask you for more save settings. 

Save as follows:

  • Color Model: RGB (this saves the color as represented in the original artwork).
  • Quality: 10 (Maximum).
  • Compression Method: Baseline (Standard).
  • D: Medium (150 ppi).
  • E: Anti-alising: Type Oprimized (Hinted).
  • F: Leave “Embed ICC Profile” unchecked.

Export Settings

Click “OK” and you will have your file to upload your design.

Tip: When you're on Step 3. Upload Art in the product creation process, following the Example file name is recommended as it will be the exact file name our system looks for to connect to your product.

Upload Art

If you previously exported your file before reaching this step, simply rename your .jpg file to the appropriate file name before uploading.

TIP: Once you have exported your file, the name of your design file will have “-BASE” at the end (on products with multiple sizes). This is a good way to check if you have exported the file correctly, as it will only appear if you have checked “Use Artboard” when exporting.

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