Shipping Costs and Estimates

Shipping Costs are dependent on carrier, weight, and destination - along with the option you select. Your order will ship out from either our facility in Southern California or North Carolina. 

Normal production time for orders is 4-7 days, which is not including in your shipping time.

Where is Through6 based?

Our operations are proudly based in the US. Products you and your customers order are printed, cut, and sewn at either our California or North Carolina location. This is also where the items will ship from.

Find Shipping Estimates

Once you've signed up with T6, you'll have access to our Portal, where you'll be able to add the items you've created to a cart and enter the addresses you wish to find shipping options for on the Checkout screen. You will be provided with "shipping estimates" for applicable shipping options. You do not need to complete an order to get the shipping estimates.

Keep in mind shipping options are applied after production time. Items are shipped from either our Southern California or North Carolina location in the US.

For setting your own shipping costs to charge your customers, it is best you work with your ecommerce platform for defining shipping cost options for your web store, e.g. flat rate shipping or free shipping. If you are integrated with Shopify on your Through6 Portal, shipping information is synced with your products.

Do you ship international?

We ship all over the world. Please use the above-mentioned method to find shipping estimates for orders being sent outside of the United States.

We use USPS and FedEx, and apply the most economical rates for your chosen option - to save you as much as possible on shipping.

What are the Domestic shipping options?

Through6 has three types of domestic shipping: Standard, Expedited and Express. Within those types, we work with every major carrier and would select the most economic carrier based upon the weight and dimensions of the package, unless you specify otherwise.

Is Will Call available?

For those that operate local to our facility in Garden Grove, CA you can contact us* to inquire about enabling of Will Call** service. This service must be designated at the time of creating a manual order, which will require a contact name, email address and phone number.
*To contact us, click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of this article. If you're on the Through6 Portal, click on the "?" beacon, perform a search, then click "Ask" at the top of the flyout window.
**Not all styles are eligible for Will Call
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