Why did I receive this invoice?

Through6 is a custom on-demand print company, so we bill for you for the merchandise up front at the time you place your order.

We bill for the shipping fees at the time your order actually goes out the door to your customer.  That is why you will see two charges for one order.  

1) For the merchandise at the time you place your order.

2) For the shipping fee at the time the order ships out

3) If you are paying with a credit card, you will have a small 3.5% merchant fee for the payment processing charge (this is the processing fee that the payment providers charges us to process your payment).  

You may receive an invoice for your merchandise one week and another invoice for the shipping fee a week later, depending upon the item you order and the timing of our invoicing.

If you have questions, you may reach out to [email protected] Please be sure to include your Account Name, Order Number and Invoice Number. 

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