Where can I find high resolution patterns?

One of the major benefits of the cut & sew sublimation process is the high degree of customization you're able to achieve across every inch of your garment - commonly referred to as All Over Printing. However, this usually requires high-resolution files to achieve quality results.

There are many platforms available for sourcing beautiful patterns to use as a backdrop to your own branding (e.g. Creative Market or Adobe Stock), however those sources generally come at a cost, which may not be an option for your venture or project.

That's why Through6 has launched our own File Library directly with the Product Designer, which makes hundreds of trending pattern options available to use for free!

Access the Free File Library in the Product Designer

Simply open the File Manager while within the Product Designer and click the "Pattern Library" tab to browse all available options. Search for specific keywords to find an image that best suits your need, and check back often for regular updates!

Want to be notified when new images become available? Be sure you're subscribed to "News and Announcements" notification in your User Settings

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