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** PLEASE NOTE: If your account was created via our new Sign-Up Process, the setup steps below DO NOT APPLY TO YOU. These instructions are for troubleshooting legacy accounts. For new accounts, this integration is setup automatically during the Through6 -> Shopify authorization step after account creation. You will however want to setup your carrier preferences directly via Shopify.**

Through6 fulfillment offers convenience and efficiency, saving you time and money. As they are produced, we will drop-ship your orders directly to your customers, so you can focus on growing your brand.

Including the exact product weight on packages helps ensure accurate shipping prices. We pass our savings directly on to you, using our supplier contacts to determine the most economic option to get orders to your customers in the timeframe needed. You’ll save money from not paying for your own ShipStation, and will see the most benefit from our discounts on bulk and international shipments.

You don’t need to worry about orders being kicked back due to inexact shipping information or because your ShipStation account ran out of credit, we’ve got it! Processing your orders with our ShipStation allows us to make sure your order information is accurate and up-to-date.

We even use your branded packaging to ship your orders. All you need to do is get your branded materials (e.g. PLC bags) produced and sent to us. If you are interested, please reach out to get started.

Shipping rates are calculated by weight and vary depending on products ordered. Our rates are based on the shipping provider’s rates (e.g. USPS), of course with any applicable discounts applied before we charge you. We will always use the best rate at the time, based on where your package is going, how much it weighs, and when your customer needs it by.


So we can help get you set up, you’ll need to email us your return, or ship from, address. If your packages are returned by the postal service, this is the address they will be sent to.

If you would like to use your logo on your packing slips and shipping label, we’ll also need your logo in .jpg format. Please make sure it is 400 pixels wide x 100 pixels tall and in black and white.



The next step is to set up your shipping preferences in Shopify. Shopify have some great support articles to help with this, and other shipping-related issues:

 We recommend setting your rates based on the standard rates in Shopify, then adding a buffer of 10% to cover any pricing variations.

The following are the services Through6 uses. Please let us know if you offer additional services on Shopify beyond this list, so they can be mapped accordingly.


Timeframe (approx.)

Domestic examples

International examples


Up to 10 days

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce


Up to 7 days

USPS First Class
FedEx SmartPost
UPS SurePost

USPS First Class International


Up to 5 days

USPS Priority
UPS Ground
FedEx Ground

USPS Priority International
UPS Worldwide Saver
FedEx International Ground


Up to 3 days

UPS 2-3 day air
FedEx 2-3 day air

USPS Priority Express
UPS Worldwide Expedited
FedEx International First


Up to 2 days

USPS Express
UPS Next Day
FedEx Priority Overnight

USPS Global Express
UPS Worldwide Express
FedEx International Express

You will need to add “T6” as the vendor (fulfillment service) for every product we fulfill for you. Don’t worry, any new products you create in your Client Portal will automatically have “T6” assigned as the fulfillment service option.

In Shopify, navigate to “Settings”

Select “Shipping”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add fulfillment service”  (as shown below)

Input “[email protected]” as the email and “T6” as the name, then click “Save”

Return to your “Products” page, open the applicable product, and scroll down to the “Shipping” section.

Select “T6  as your Fulfillment Service.



We will send you a custom Shopify install link, so you can authorize and connect to Through6.

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