How do I switch between Shipping and Will Call service?

For those that operate local to our facility in Garden Grove, CA you can contact us to inquire about enabling of Will Call* service. This service must be designated at the time of creating a manual order, which will require a contact name, email address and phone number.

*Not all styles are eligible for Will Call

How to Switch Between Shipping and Will Call

Often times, plans can change and you may find the need to switch fro Will Call to delivery, or visa versa, which can be easily done within your Client Portal.

Simply login and enter the order number you'd like to adjust in the top right search field, where you will be provided the option to Edit Shipping. Selecting this option will open a window for designating your desired service, whether Will Call or other. 

In either instance, certain fields will be required to save your setting.

Please Note:

  • You will only need to edit one item's shipping information, for all items on that order to pick up the changes.
  • Not all styles are eligible for Will Call, in which case you will not have the option during manual order creation, or shipping edit.
  • If any of the items on the order are already out of production (in Finishing, Ready to Ship or Shipping), you will need to send a note to [email protected] to notify us of the change as your shipping labels are already produced. 
  • This option is only available to partners using the Through6 Fulfillment system. For custom integrations, you will be required to update shipping within your own systems and notifying [email protected].
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