How do I review orders on my account?

There are a number of ways an order can be reviewed within your account's Through6 Portal, mostly determined by what state the order is in.

Any Order

If you have the order number you provided to us (e.g. the Order Number assigned by your Shopify store), you can enter that order number in the top right search box of your Through6 Portal at any time to review it's status, history and tracking if available.

Pending Orders

For many new accounts, your first orders may be found in the Pending Orders page found in your Through6 Portal's main navigation, where they will idle waiting for your approval. This is to ensure your first orders are arriving to our platform correctly and complete. 

To approve an order and submit it for production, select the checkbox for the order and then click the "Approve Orders" button above the list.

If you would like orders to automatically be submitted for production, check the box labeled "Enable Auto-Approve" and set the interval that you would like orders sent in. Setting a longer interval allows you to review new orders in case you would like to review or spot-check them before they are inputted to our system. A shorter auto-approve interval will get orders in queue for production sooner. 

Production Orders

For orders that are approved, you will be able to find and track those orders on the Dashboard within your Through6 Portal. With enough volume, orders will be organized into "batches" based on the day the were received to our system. If you do not recall the day the order was placed, you can set your view filter to Order View and search order by order, unless you have the order number in hand and simply use the Search Order # field in the navigation..

Shipped Orders

Once the order is completely produced and shipped, you may wish to refine your dashboard to show only the Shipped orders/batches. You may also just search for the specific order number in by inputting it to the top right search field of your portal, which will expose tracking information for shipped orders.

As always, if you have additional questions or need help locating a specific order, please reach out to [email protected]!

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