How do I add/edit a user on my account?

Managing users for your brand account is simple and quick! Provided you have the appropriate user administration permissions for the account in question you may add, edit or remove at your discretion. Read below for specific instructions on how.

How do I access the user manager?
How do I add a new user?
How do I edit an existing user?
How do I remove a user from access to my account?
What is an owner?
What do the different permissions and notifications do?

Accessing User Management Features

Once you login to the Through6 Portal, simply hover over your profile avatar in the top right and select the Users option, which you can also access at the direct link here:

You will be taken to an area that contains all users for any account you either own or have user administration permissions to manage. From here you can add or edit new and existing users, respectively.

Add a New User

Clicking the ADD USER + button on the left of the screen will all you to create and invite a brand new user to your account.

You will  be required to fill out their name, email and which permissions and notifications they should receive. If you have multiple brands, this is also where you will be able to designate which brand this user should be designated for, one or as many as you would like.

NOTE: If you add a user to multiple brands at once, they will receive all permissions enabled at the time of save. If you would like to provide different permissions to one user across various brands, you will want to save their permissions with a single brand selected at a time.

New users will not automatically receive any permissions or notifications, and you will need select as many as you'd like for the given role of that user.

For example, if you would solely like this user to help with designing new products, you would give them the View Products, Design Products and Edit Productions permissions, which will automatically grant them Order Issues notifications to assist with issues pertaining to design files. 

NOTE: Once you save a new user to the brand, they will not immediately be notified. You will want to go back to the EDIT USER page, if not still on the page, and choose Reset Password, which will notify the user of their new account and allow them to choose their password to login for the first time.

Edit an Existing User

If you gave too much or too little access, you may return to edit a user at any time through the same Users page where you previously added your users, where you would just click the EDIT button for the intended user.

Removing an Existing Users

Removing a user is not as simple as clicking a button at this time, however it is entirely possible and still an easy process. You must first click on the EDIT option from the Users page. Once there, you just need to ensure the brand(s) you'd like to remove the user from is/are selected, all permissions and notifications are de-selected and SAVE the new user settings.

You will no longer see the user appear as enabled on the selected brands, and upon their next login they will no longer see or be able to access your brand's pages or features.

Brand Ownership

Brand owners do not grant any special portal features or access, however during instances of user disputes where Through6 must become involved, we will always defer to the user with OWNER privileges, unless documentation can be provided that proves otherwise.

By default, the original applicant/creator of a new brand is automatically designated as the owner. That owner is welcome to add other owners at their discretion, and if you as the owner would like to relinquish ownership altogether, you simply need to contact [email protected] from the registered email address of the owner and state such.

NOTE: Ownership should not be granted lightly, as once granted all owners are treated equal in times of dispute, nor can they be edited any longer by any owner or user administrator of the brand. Scenarios where it may be appropriate to grant ownership are in times of mutual partnerships, selling of a brand to a third party or when the original creator is not in fact the owner of that brand.

Permissions and Notifications

Permissions and Notifications should be fairly self explanatory, however we will break them down further below for any needed clarity.


  • View Products: Users will be able to see the full list of products your brand has created in the PRODUCTS page, including art names, styles and dates created.
  • Design Products: Users can access the CREATE page and build a new product which will then show up in the PRODUCTS page.
  • Edit Products: Grants the ability to VIEW and EDIT an existing product, such as changing an art file. 
  • Delete Products: Exposed the function to permanently delete a product that is no longer needed.
    NOTE: Any future sales for this product will fail to process.
  • Order Management: Grants access to the brand's DASHBOARD and SEARCH capabilities, for opening orders, editing shipping, canceling and locating tracking information.
  • Payments: Allows the user to be subscribes to the Payments and Invoicing Notifications. No other features at this tie, but will allow for access to future payment related tools.
  • User Admin: Provides the user the ability add, edit or remove other users for the specific brand. 
  • Brand Management: Allows access to the Brands page where settings, brand information and integrations can be controlled.


  • Order Issues: Adds user as recipient to order related issues such as Missing/Bad Art File notifications, or other issue related to order tracking or troubleshooting.
  • Payments and Invoicing: User will  receive all invoice and payment related notifications, such as new invoices, invoice reminders and failed transaction notifications.
  • News and Announcements: General announcements related to new features, styles or Through6 campaigns.

For any and all other questions or help managing your users, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] for assistance!

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