My order isn't on my dashboard anymore. Where did it go?

Your Through6 Portal Dashboard is design to show you active orders currently in production. Once an order has shipped it will be removed form the dashboard.

You may locate the order at any time by searching by the order number in the top right search field of your portal, provided you have that detail. Otherwise, you can utilize the enhanced search experience by clicking on the small +magnify glass icon to the left of the search field.

If your order was submit via an e-commerce integration (e.g. Shopify), rest assured our integration with your storefront will have sent shipping status and tracking information back to your storefront admin system, and likely to the end customer. You should be able to locate the shipping details directly within your storefront admin.

However, if you placed your order manually, the user account used to place the order via the Manual Order page will have received a shipping notification email with tracking information included.

If you continue to experience trouble locating a previous order, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team for assistance!

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