How do I integrate with WooCommerce?

How do I integrate with WooCommerce?

Once you've created a WooCommerce & WordPress account;  Set-up your webpage.  Now, there are a few steps you will need to go through in WordPress before integrating with Through6.

  1. Access your WooCommerce settings page from the WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to WooCommerce Settings and click on the Permalinks option
  3. Under Common Settings, select ANY OTHER type besides Plain, eg. "Post name", then click Save Changes at the bottom (This is a requirement by WooCommerce once you saved this information, you can now proceed to adding your website to be integrated with T6.

  1. Return to your Brand Settings page to complete the integration and connect your to your Through6 account
  2. Connect your brand:

3. Click on Connect WooCommerce Account and add your WordPress URL:

Entering the correct URL will route you to an authenticate process that requires you to login to your WooCommerce Admin account, and approve the app installation.

4. Click on "set up store with WooCommerce Account", you will then be asked to connect your store with Through6:

Once approved, the installation will automatically create T6 as a fulfillment service within your WooCommerce account, which will be used to route orders to Through6, as well as, allow us to return tracking information when an order is shipped. 

To verify your store has been correctly setup, you will want to check both your Through6 Portal Brand Settings page:

Congratulations, you've integrated with WooCommerce! 

Next step: Syncing your items with WooCommerce

Please note: Through6 currently only supports 1:1 ecommerce integrations. That is, only one ecommerce store can be integrated with one Through6 brand account and only one Through6 brand account can be integrated with one ecommerce store. If you would like multiple stores integrated, they will require multiple Through6 brand accounts. Likewise, multiple Through6 brand accounts will require multiple ecommerce stores for integrations.

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