​How to Sync items to your WooCommerce store

You've connected your Through6 account to your WooCommerce account. Now, it's time to sync products to your web store! Find out how below.

How do I sync my items to my WooCommerce store?

When you are in the Create section and are done making a new product, click on Proceed

Click on: Link to WooCommerce

it will automatically generate a description specifically created for your customers.

Enter the Price you would like your product to sell for (you can always price the items per size if you would like to charge a different price per size)

and click Create WooCommerce Product

Open in WooCommerce

You are ready to sell!

WooCommerce Product Sync Troubleshooting

Nullable Object Error

If you encounter the above error, below are the recommended steps to solve it:

  1. Go to WooCommerce Settings > Advanced > REST API
  2. Check if Through6 - API Read/Write exists with permissions "Read/Write"
    1. If the permission says "Read" or "Write" but not "Read/Write", update the Permissions to "Read/Write"
    2. If it does not exist, go to Webhooks and delete the webhooks:
      • "Order Deleted (T6)"
      • "Order Created (T6)"
  3. Go to brand settings in account.through6.com and Disconnect/Reconnect their WooCommerce
  4. Try to sync the product again
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