How do I add another brand/account?

Once you've been approved to become a Through6 partner once, you may find the need to setup secondary brands for other ventures or projects, which we encourage and are happy to support!

Simply use the Create New Brand feature in your profile dropdown to get started.

As we already know some of your basic information, we will automatically fill that in for you as the first user, and new owner of the to-bo-created account. You just need to fill us in on the blanks and you will be in your new account a few moments later!

Note, this account will be accessible with the same login you use for your original account, however will be completely independent in all other ways. For example, it will have its own files, billing and fulfillment configurations.

Please note: Through6 currently only supports 1:1 ecommerce integrations. That is, only one ecommerce store can be integrated with one Through6 brand account and only one Through6 brand account can be integrated with one ecommerce store. If you would like multiple stores integrated, they will require multiple Through6 brand accounts. Likewise, multiple Through6 brand accounts will require multiple ecommerce stores for integrations.

If you require any additional support, such as consolidated invoicing, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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