Introducing the New Through6 Dashboard

We're excited to rollout the latest portal update focusing on improving the accessibility and utility of order management within the Through6 portal dashboard.

There is a great deal of new functionality in this new release, some of which we'll cover below.

Mobile Optimization - With few exceptions, all new and existing pages are being retooled to fit in your pocket. Enjoy checking up on order status, and making order edits quickly while on the go. 

Order View - Historically the dashboard has only been viewable at the "batch" level, which means only as a cluster of orders based on their order creation date. Brand users will now be able to toggle between the original "Batch View" or the new "Order View" based on the present need. We give you more ways to check on your order status.

Edit Sizes! - A much requested and long awaited feature now allows you to edit the size of an Order Item that has not yet reached a production state.

Note, there may be scenarios in which size editing is no longer available, such as an item already being in production or an invoicing event in which a size change may incur a price difference, which the new feature does not yet support. However in our experience, most size change requests occur within hours of an order being placed, providing ample time to hop on your laptop (or phone) to make the necessary update. 

Search and Performance Enhancements - Searching for previous orders is now blazing fast and can be achieved on both the top level dashboard, via the "Shipped" filter, or by the search results page by entering the Order Number in question.

The above updates are just a few of the new dashboard upgrades and we're excited for you to discover the rest! 

However, we understand that many users will have processes and systems that rely on the legacy dashboard, which we will be maintaining indefinitely - you will simply want to bookmark the old link ( for future access.

As with all new infrastructure updates, if you have any questions, feedback or encounter issues, please let our [email protected] team know!

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