Through6 Portal Patch Notes

We are constantly making updates, improvements and fixes to our portal and have begun tracking and consolidating those updates for your convenience.

Review below for details on the latest updates, and of course please alert our [email protected] team if you notice issues with recently released features!

January 2023

  • Week of 2nd:
    • Previews enabled: Style 12 - Unisex Zip Hoodie

December 2022

  • Week of 12th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 11 - Unisex Pullover Hoodie

October 2022

  • Week of 3rd:
    • Previews enabled: Style 14C - Mens Velvet Jogger

September 2022

  • Week of 12th:
    • Product Designer enabled: Style 182 - Unisex Jogger
  • Week of 5th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 14 - Mens Jogger

August 2022

  • Week of 29th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 32 - Unisex Crew Sweatshirt
    • Previews enabled: Style 32A - Unisex Crew Sweatshirt
  • Week of 22nd:
    • New Style: Style 357 - Zipper Pouch is now available, with Previews enabled
  • Week of 15th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 131 - Mens Sports Jersey
    • Previews enabled: Style 132 - Mens Sports Relaxed Jersey
  • Week of 8th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 214 - Womens Bodysuit w/ Snap Closure

July 2022

  • Week of 18th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 183 - Womens Bodycon Dress
  • Week of 4th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 161 - Womens Midrise Yoga Eco Short
    • Previews enabled: Style 119 - Womens Midrise Yoga Short
    • Previews enabled: Style 160 - Womens High Waist Yoga Eco Short
    • Previews enabled: Style 137 - Womens High Waist Yoga Short

June 2022

  • Week of 27th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 186 - Womens Retro Shorts
    • Previews enabled: Style 257 - Womens One-Piece Foil Swimsuit Hi-Cut
    • Previews enabled: Style 158 - Womens One-Piece Swimsuit Hi-Cut
    • Previews enabled: Style 134 - Womens One-Piece Swimsuit
  • Week of 20th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 111 - Womens Bikini Top
    • Previews enabled: Style 187 - Womens Running Shorts
    • Previews enabled: Style 202 - Womens Bikini Top
    • Previews enabled: Style 201 - Womens Bikini Bottom
  • Week of 13th:
    • New Style: Style 70 - Boxer Brief is now available, with Previews enabled
    • New Feature: Copy Product. This allows a user to copy a product's design, creating a new product and allowing them to select sizes/colors, rename, and edit the product copy. 
  • Week of 6th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 38C - Mens Velvet Tank Top
    • Optimization: Updating products already synced to Shopify will automatically pull previously input Shopify info

May 2022

  • Week of 23rd:
    • Previews enabled: Style 87 - Womens Crew Tee
  • Week of 9th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 45 - Womens Crop Tank Top
  • Week of 1st:
    • Previews enabled: Style 1401 - Unisex Raglan Pullover Hoodie

April 2022

  • Week of 25th:
    • Optimization: You can now add items to your cart before production files are done rendering.
  • Week of 18th:
    • Previews enabled: Style 2300 - Mens L/S Crew Tee
  • Week of 11th:
    • Bug Fix: WooCommerce SKU export functionality now works as intended.
  • Week of 4th:
    • New Feature: Users will appropriate Order Management permission are able to configure more options for Pending Order auto-release scheduling, to ensure orders have as much time as is preferred for evaluation, cancelation or edit prior to release for production.
    • Previews enabled: Style 1300 - Mens L/S Crew Tee

March 2022

  • Week of 27th:
    • Bug Fixes: Various improvements to issue resolution and SKU export systems.
    • Previews enabled: Style 1105 - Womens Crop Tee
  • Week of 20th:
    • Bug Fix: Appropriate DTG thumbnail render (color) will now appear in all order detail locations.
    • Bug Fix: Pending Order count would sometimes show a quantity when no orders required processing. This has been fixed.
    • Previews enabled: Style 1502 - Womens Crop Sweatshirt
    • Previews enabled: Style 2103 - Mens Crew Tee
    • Previews enabled: Style 3400 - Unisex Pullover Hoodie
  • Week of 13th:
  • Week of 6th:
    • Optimization: Various shipping configuration improvements during manual order checkout to improve processing and deliverability.
    • Previews enabled: Style 2100 - Womens Crew Tee

February 2022

  • Week of 27th
    • New Feature: Users can now resync products to Shopify to refresh product details and images.
    • Bug Fixes: Various fixes and improvements to Product Designer and eCommerce sync issues.
  • Week of 20th:
    • New Feature: Enjoy simpler file manipulation within the Product Designer canvas with snap-to-fit capabilities!
    • New Feature: DPI warnings and indicators for file uploads within Product Designer.
    • Previews enabled: Style 225 - Bikini Bottom
    • Previews enabled: Style 28 - Athletic Short
  • Week of 13th:
  • Week of 6th:

January 2022

  • Week of 30th:
    • Optimization: Product Designer now supports SVG files
    • Previews enabled: Style 1E - Chiffon Bandana
  • Week of 23rd:
  • Week of 16th:
    • New Feature: A Free Pattern Library has been added to the Product Designer for all users. Choose from hundreds of free-to-use patterns to get started, with many more designs on the way!
    • New Feature: The Pending Orders page has been overhauled to be mobile optimized and provide additional context and functionality for pre-process evaluation and control.
  • Week of 9th:
    • New Feature: Brand owners and admins are now able to create new brands when logged in, and manage which other users inherit access to the newly created brand.
  • Week of 2nd:
    • New Feature: Allows brands to disconnect a current eComm integration to reconnect a new store. (Disclaimer: Should be used with extreme care.)
    • Bug Fix: Various fixes for WooCommerce product syncing.

December 2021

  • Week of 26th:
    • Optimization: Added new visual navigation tiles to the Create experience for improved navigability of the Through6 catalog, among other performance optimizations.
  • Week of 19th:
    • Optimization: Ability to View Product from an order view action menu for quickly accessing a relative.
    • Optimization: Improved search on the My Products page to support broad match for multiple keywords at once, instead of exact match.

November 2021

October 2021

  • Week of 24th:
    • Optimization: Canceling any items that have open issues will now automatically resolve that issue and other optimizations.
    • Optimization: Pending Orders will now show number of orders requiring review within the navigation bar.
  • Week of 17th:
    • Optimization: Can now save preferred issue types within the filter options of the Issues page.
  • Week of 10th:
    • Style #44 - Crop Tee has been enabled with full product design experience!
    • Optimization: Various optimizations and bug fixes for new Issues System
    • New Feature: Released a news/announcements carousel within the Portal Dashboard.
  • Week of 3rd:
    • New Feature: DTG Styles have begun rolling out in the new product designer!
    • New Feature: Complete overhaul of the Issues System to streamline and improve self-service tools for correct common order and item issues.

September 2021

  • Week of 26th:
  • Week of 19th:
    • Optimization: Added canvas orientation features to a variety of single panel product design experience (e.g. Tapestries).
    • Bug Fixes: Various.
  • Week of 12th:
    • Various bug fixes and optimizations through product designer and ordering process.
  • Week of 5th:

August 2021

  • Week of 29th:
    • Style #194 - Bikini Brief has been enabled with full product design experience!
    • Optimization: New account creation is now automated and no longer requires admin approval
    • Optimization: Load time on the My Products experience is greatly improved.
  • Week of 22nd:
    • Optimization: Added style detail modal directly within the product designer
  • Week of 15th:
    • Optimization: Cross page navigation is now smoother when opening new pages from dashboard and catalog.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where the manual order page may resolve to a white screen, requiring a refresh. 
  • Week of 8th:
    • Optimization: Catalog browser has improved sorting for product designer enabled styles and production types. 
    • Optimization: Various product designer improvements and bug fixes.

July 2021

  • Week of 26th:
    • Style #1 - Bandana has been enabled with full product design experience!
    • Optimization: Extended period of time where shipping address edits are allowed, up to the point an order is officially shipped.
  • Week of 19th: 
    • Style #338 - Face Mask now has Youth size available, with full product design experience!
    • New Feature: You can now zoom into render previews from the product designer.
    • Optimization: Canvas ordering has been reversed for more intuitive progression on a multi-canvas style within the product designer
    • New Feature: Many orders can now be merged together so they are sure to ship in a single package together.
    • Bug Fix: Corrected an issue in which Editing Shipping was not always allowing a user to save their change.
    • Bug Fix: The Shopify Sync modal will no longer appear after re-uploading a file to an existing product.
  • Week of 12th:
    • Optimization: Selecting a background color in the product designer will now apply that color to all design canvases on a product.
    • Optimization: A warning will appear if you are attempting to publish a new product in which now all panels have an art file associated.
    • Optimization: Selecting and dragging art files around a product design canvas has been improved for a smoother experience.
    • Bug Fix: Editing an existing product in the designer would not always show all previously added layers, even though they were active.
    • Bug Fix: In some scenarios syncing products to WooCommerce could fail. This has been fixed.
    • Optimization: Improved navigation of the layer management area of the product designer.
    • Optimization: Multiple improvements to how files can be copied in the product designer.
    • Optimization: Increased the speed at which Direct-To-Garment print files will appear in the product list after creation.
  • Week of 5th:

June 2021

  • Week of 28th:
    • Bug Fix: Corrected an issue in which product thumbnails were not always appearing on order detail pages.
  • Week of 21st:
    • Bug Fix: Various bug fixes to the product designer related to art file management and movement on a canvas.
    • Optimization: Holding Shift+Arrow Key, with an art file selected, will shift the file 10px in the chosen direction.
    • Optimization: Brand Admins can now see which users have access to which brands they control via the Brand Admin page.
    • New Feature: Users with Order Management permissions can now cancel single items from an order, without cancel the entire order.
  • Week of 14th:
    • Optimization: When files are re-uploaded to correct a Missing Art issue, the system will detect if other orders are impacted and apply the fix to them as well.
    • Style #38 - Mens Tank Top has been enabled with full product design experience!
  • Week of 7th: 
    • New Feature: Product designers have a series of new tools for managing colors, including matching colors, within their design canvas.
    • Optimization: Doubled the resolution of our design canvas guides to improve the legibility of significant callouts (e.g. safe zones and text cues).
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