How do I resolve an issue with my order?

Building a business can feel like juggling a hundred balls at a time, so we've done our best to help you identify when one drops, and get it back into the air!

Why did I receive an issue notification?

There are various reasons why you may receive an "Issue" notice, ranging from an improperly set up design upload to a missing shipping address and everything in-between. In any of the potential issues that may arise, we will always send you an email notification and present you with details in your Through6 Portal Issues page.

Your Issues Queue on the Through6 Portal

From here you can see all open issues that are impacting orders, in order of newest issue (top) to oldest. Each issue's card will contain all pertinent details to help you understand and resolve the issue to get your order back on track.

All issues are expandable, which will expose more granular details about what the issue.

Contact us with questions through the Issue Card

Have a question about the issue? You're welcome to reply directly to the email notice, or within the portal via the Issue Details dropdown and a Through6 Support agent will respond after evaluating the issue.

Choosing the resolution to an issue

Each unique issue will potentially have a handful of possible solutions, from selecting the correct product for your order to fixing an art file, or item cancelation if the order was made in error. 

Contact us directly

You are always welcome to contact us directly via [email protected] or anywhere you see our support tool icon!

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