How do I integrate with Shopify? (NEW)

Integrating with Shopify is a simple process provided you have the appropriate credentials as a Shopify store admin to authenticate new applications to be connected.

After your Through6 application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with instruction to finish your account's setup in three steps.

1) Setup Brand Info: Confirming general company details. This should be relative to the store/brand you are going to do business as.

2) Shipping Fulfillment. Setup your shipping details, which will include where we may send physical materials and/or where you would like order returns to be sent to, provided those addresses are different.

3) Connect Your Brand. Choose your integration and preferred order method. You do not need to setup an eCommerce (e.g. Shopify) integration to create and place orders with Through6.  You could simply complete the brand setup by choosing Manual Processing Only. 

However, if and when you are ready to integrate with Shopify, simply choose the Connect Shopify Account option and enter the requested details. 

Entering the correct URL will route you to an authenticate process that requires you to login to your Shopify Admin account, and approve the app installation.

Once approved, the installation will automatically create Through6 as a fulfillment service within your Shopify account, which will be used to route orders to Through6, as well as allow us to return tracking information when an order is shipped. 

To verify your store has been correctly setup, you will want to check both your Through6 Portal Brand Settings page:

And your Shopify Admin Apps page:

If both of the above are confirmed, then you've successfully integrated your Through6 and Shopify accounts!

Keep reading to learn more about syncing your newly created Through6 Products to your Shopify Store and how to place an order or keep tabs on orders once created.

Otherwise, don't hesitate to reach out at to our support team when needed!

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