How do I integrate with Shopify? (NEW)

Integrating between Shopify and Through6 is no more than a few clicks on setup and product publishing. While the process should be fairly intuitive, we'll detail each step below just in case!

Install the Through6 App (Link)
Finish Account Setup
Create New Product
Sync Products to Shopify
Approve Pending Orders

Install the App

Whether starting in your Brand Settings or on the Shopify App Marketplace, you will simply need to install the app. If you do not yet have a Through6 account yet, you will be prompted to register one (for free), otherwise you'll be offered the option to "Link to an Existing Account".

If starting a new account, you'll just be used for an email address, name and password. You will receive a verification email to confirm your address and login to your new account. Your Through6 App install is now complete! 

You can quickly verify the install was successful by seeing the Through6 app listed in your Apps section of Shopify.

As part of this installation, Through6 will automatically add Shipping Profiles in Shopify for any future products you sync from the portal, based on what you will be charged for shipping based on the destination and weight of any particular Through6 order. There are no additional setup steps beyond this point, however you are always welcome to edit your Shopify shipping profiles as you see fit. 

Please note: Through6 currently only supports 1:1 ecommerce integrations. That is, only one ecommerce store can be integrated with one Through6 brand account and only one Through6 brand account can be integrated with one ecommerce store. If you would like multiple stores integrated, they will require multiple Through6 brand accounts. Likewise, multiple Through6 brand accounts will require multiple ecommerce stores for integrations.

Finish Account Setup

Once installed, you will have the option to finalize other account details, such as return address details, preferred payment methods.

1) Setup Brand Info: Confirming general company details. This should be relative to the store/brand you are going to do business as.

2) Shipping Fulfillment. Setup your shipping details, which will include where we may send physical materials and/or where you would like order returns to be sent to, provided those addresses are different.

3) Add a Primary Payment Method. Securely add a Credit Card to your account via encrypted Stripe authentication. You will never be charged until you submit a manual order, or approve your Shopify orders!

Note: Shopify does not allow ACH Payment processing, so this option will not be available after install.

Through6 Brand Setting Options

Creating New Product

If you haven't done so already, you'll want to create some new product to sell! The process is simple after selecting the style you wish to design, and setting up the product via the Through6 Product Designer.

Syncing Your Products to Shopify

Now that your ecommerce integration is set up for your Shopify account and you've created some product to sell, you simply need to sync your products from Through6 to have them created with the proper settings on your Shopify store.

If you're creating new products after you've integrated your Shopify account, we've made it easy by allowing you to sync to Shopify during the product creation process:

  • Sync to Shopify will automatically add your new product to your Shopify store as an inactive product. All SKUs, weights, images and fulfillment details will also be automatically created.
  • If you'd like your new product to also be automatically enabled for sale on your site, you must also check Add to Sales Channel. This will only add to your default sales channel, special channels will need to be enabled directly in Shopify.
  • Syncing to Shopify is optional during product creation; simply uncheck the option if you do not wish to sync the product when creating it. They can always be synced later.

Syncing Existing Products

For existing products, you can sync them from either the product page on your Through6 Portal or the My Products page.

If you're on the product page for an unsynced product, simply click the three dots next to Design New at the top-right and choose Sync to Shopify:

When you are on your My Products page, you can view your products in List View (icon next to the Search field) and then you will see a Shopify icon next to the products that have been synced. 

When a product is not yet synced, the menu accessed via the three dots on the right of the Add to Cart button will show the option to Sync to Shopify:

When a product is already synced, this option will instead be View in Shopify, which will take you to the product already synced and created to your Shopify store:

Please see the related articles regarding syncing your newly created Through6 Products to your Shopify store, how to place an order, and how to keep tabs on orders once created.

Approve Pending Orders

To ensure you are only being charged for Shopify orders you wish to produce, by default all orders arrive to Through6 in a PENDING state. You must manually approve each order via the Pending Orders page in your portal.

You are welcome to bypass this review process directly on the Pending Orders page by setting your orders to auto-approve. This will allow all orders coming from Shopify to enter production as quickly as possible.

Note: Auto-approval will only work for orders that are not Awaiting Payment in Shopify. If you would like those orders to be produced, prior to processing payment on Shopify, you will need to manually approve them on the Pending Orders page.

Ecommerce Reset

If you need to disconnect your Shopify app for any reason, you simply need to uninstall the app in your Shopify Admin Apps section, and Through6 will disconnect the account from that store automatically.

Note: This will not delete Shopify Products previously synced to your Through6 account. These products will remain, but be designated to a non-Through6 location. Through6 will no longer receive orders for these products, and they will need to be re-synced if you re-install the app.

If you delete a Through6 product on your Shopify store and need it synced again, please use the Resync to Shopify feature on the Through6 product page.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at to our support team when needed!

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