How do I integrate with Shopify? (NEW)

After creating an account with Through6, you can design products for your Shopify web store in three easy steps:

  1. Connect your Shopify account to Through6 with our ecommerce integration steps below
  2. Design products
  3. Sync your products to Shopify

Brand Setup

Integrating with Shopify is a simple process provided you have the appropriate credentials as a Shopify store admin to authenticate new applications to be connected.

After your Through6 application has been approved, you will receive a welcome email with instruction to finish your account's setup in three steps.

1) Setup Brand Info: Confirming general company details. This should be relative to the store/brand you are going to do business as.

2) Shipping Fulfillment. Setup your shipping details, which will include where we may send physical materials and/or where you would like order returns to be sent to, provided those addresses are different.

3) Connect Your Brand. Choose your integration and preferred order method. You do not need to setup an eCommerce (e.g. Shopify) integration to create and place orders with Through6.  You could simply complete the brand setup by choosing Manual Processing Only

Integrating with Shopify

If and when you are ready to integrate with Shopify, simply choose the Connect Shopify Account option and enter the requested details. 

Entering the correct URL will route you to an authenticate process that requires you to login to your Shopify Admin account, and approve the app installation.

Once approved, the installation will automatically create Through6 as a fulfillment service within your Shopify account, which will be used to route orders to Through6, as well as allow us to return tracking information when an order is shipped. 

Integration Verification

To verify your store has been correctly setup, you will want to check both your Through6 Portal Brand Settings page:

And your Shopify Admin Apps page:

If both of the above are confirmed, then you've successfully integrated your Through6 and Shopify accounts!

Next Step: Syncing Your Products to Shopify

Now that your ecommerce integration is set up for your Shopify account, you simply need to sync your products from Through6 to have them created with the proper settings on your Shopify store.

If you're creating new products after you've integrated your Shopify account, we've made it easy by allowing you to sync to Shopify during the product creation process:

  • Sync to Shopify will automatically add your new product to your Shopify store as an inactive product. All SKUs, weights, images and fulfillment details will also be automatically created.
  • If you'd like your new product to also be automatically enabled for sale on your site, you must also check Add to Sales Channel. This will only add to your default sales channel, special channels will need to be enabled directly in Shopify.
  • Syncing to Shopify is optional during product creation; simply uncheck the option if you do not wish to sync the product when creating it. They can always be synced later.

Syncing Existing Products

For existing products, you can sync them from either the product page on your Through6 Portal or the My Products page.

If you're on the product page for an unsynced product, simply click the three dots next to Design New at the top-right and choose Sync to Shopify:

When you are on your My Products page, you can view your products in List View (icon next to the Search field) and then you will see a Shopify icon next to the products that have been synced. 

When a product is not yet synced, the menu accessed via the three dots on the right of the Add to Cart button will show the option to Sync to Shopify:

When a product is already synced, this option will instead be View in Shopify, which will take you to the product already synced and created to your Shopify store:

Please see the related articles regarding syncing your newly created Through6 Products to your Shopify store, how to place an order, and how to keep tabs on orders once created.

Ecommerce Reset

If you're looking to connect your Through6 products to a different Shopify account or you've deleted the T6 app from your Shopify apps (or otherwise disconnected your ecommerce integration), you will need to have your ecomm settings reset.

This can be done by going to clicking on the User icon at the top-right of your Through6 Portal and going to Brands > Settings (on your desired brand) > Connect Your Brand then simply click the Disconnect button. 

Note: Any live orders on the system will not receive fulfillment and tracking information once the existing integration is disconnected.

If you've connected your Shopify account and are not seeing your products, please check that they have been synced to Shopify already. Simply syncing accounts will not automatically populate your Through6 products into your Shopify store. 

If you delete a Through6 product on your Shopify store and need it synced again, please use the Resync to Shopify feature on the Through6 product page.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at to our support team when needed!

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