Setting Up Ecommerce Integrations for Your Web Store

You've designed and created Through6 products and now you're ready to sell. You have an online store already set up and want to sync your new products to it.

Our Full Integrations

Currently, we sync with the below ecommerce platforms. Please choose your platform to see the instructions for integration:

Please note: Through6 currently only supports 1:1 ecommerce integrations. That is, only one ecommerce store can be integrated with one Through6 brand account and only one Through6 brand account can be integrated with one ecommerce store. If you would like multiple stores integrated, they will require multiple Through6 brand accounts. Likewise, multiple Through6 brand accounts will require multiple ecommerce stores for integrations.

Other Integrations

If you are on a different sales platform (e.g. Etsy, SquareSpace, Wix, etc.), we currently do not support integration, but do have them in consideration for the future.

However, Order Desk (above) may be a viable option given its core function as a technology connector. It integrates with most eCommerce solutions in the market now, and we can receive orders and update fulfillment through it.

Custom API Connection

If you are requesting a custom API connection, please have your development team contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements with us.

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