Color Saturation on Different Fabrics

Depending on the style you choose to create, you may be designing a product that shares the same template with another style, but uses a different fabric. 

We have a few different fabric options, depending on the style you are creating. We have a range of poly fabrics, a poly rayon blend, crushed velvet, birdseye mesh and more.

Example of Color Saturation Difference

When printing on different fabrics, color saturation of your design may be affected. Below are examples of prints on 100 poly and examples of prints on our 65/35 poly rayon blend.

100 Poly

100 Poly

65/35 Poly Rayon

65/35 Poly Rayon

The Difference

In the examples above, the 100 Poly sweatshirt and tee have vibrant colors and deeper blacks with more contrast. The 65/35 Poly Rayon garments produce a desaturated color for a vintage look. 

In the blended fabric, a design element that is black will often appear to be more charcoal grey when printed. See a close up example of the difference below:

Note: Different styles may have variations in the amount of color desaturation for blended fabrics, e.g. jersey tees versus sweatshirts

Color Shifting

Depending on the color you pick and the fabric it is printed on, the colors may shift. Please see the example below:

If you have questions on how your design will appear on the fabric that you've chosen, please reach out to us at [email protected] so one of our Production experts can advise you.

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