Preview Images and Mockups

Where are the preview images for the product I'm designing?

For styles that have preview images available, you will see them by using the Preview button while creating your designs on our Product Designer interface. Once your design is finalized and saved, you will be able to download the preview images (also referred to as renders or mockups) on the product page for your product. Simply click on the download button on the preview image on the product page, circled in red on the image below.

What if I don't see a preview for my product?

Not all products have previews available at this time. When previews are not available, the Preview button on the Product Designer will be greyed out and preview images will not display on the product page.

We are actively working on releasing preview images to our styles. We know that these images are a valuable tool in not only designing your products, but also selling and marketing them. We are in the process of creating mockups for more styles, releasing them as soon as they're ready, and more will be added soon. 

For now, the styles that have preview images available will have a "+" in the Product Designer icon when you are on the Create page.

Please Note: 

  • Preview images are only available for products created using our Product Designer interface. 
  • If you created your product via Product Designer prior to a Preview being available, you can simply re-save your design (Click 'Edit Design' on the product page then 'Proceed' on the Product Designer interface) to have preview images created and available for download.

How will I know when new previews are enabled?

Keep an eye out for Through6 newsletters to stay up-to-date on new products and features! You can also check our Patch Notes for the latest updates.

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