Can I Copy a Product?

Yes! Using our Copy Product feature, you can easily copy a product* that you already have in your Through6 Portal

You may want to do this if you have designs sized and placed exactly as desired and want to make a new** product with these same elements in place.

*Copy Product only works for products created through our Product Designer interface
** Copy Product will only make new products that are the same style number

How do I use the Copy Product feature?

When you are on a product page, click the three dots on the top-right to display the product page menu. From the menu select Copy Product.

Clicking this function will bring you to the Product Designer interface for your copied product.

All of the design elements of the original product are copied, scaled and in place. In the image above, you'll see there are logo images on the Front and on the Left Sleeve, along with background patterns.

The original product's name is also copied over. This must be changed before the copied product can be saved.

Edit Your Copied Product

For our copied product in this example, we want to keep the logos in place, but change the background pattern. For your own products, this may be reversed and you might want to put different designs on top of the same background.

We'll start by selecting the background pattern layers and deleting them.

Next, we'll add a new background pattern*. 

We'll also update the product name to coordinate with the new pattern.**

*On your Through6 Portal, you'll see we provide a library of patterns that are free for you to use
Multiple products of the same style cannot have the same product name.

Adding new layers will automatically place them at the top. Select and drag the background layer so that it is below the logo layers.

Our original product had White thread selected for the Thread option. We will update this to Black in this example.

Click Preview to see how this new design will look.

Our previews now show our new background pattern with the logos placed and scaled exactly as they were on the original product.

Adjust your background pattern, as needed. You can click Preview as you make changes, to see how they will look.

Save Your New Product

Click Proceed to save your copied product.

If your product is synced to your ecommerce store, you may be required to fill in additional information such as Price and Description.

You're done! 

You have successfully copied a product and made a new product using existing elements that you have already carefully sized and placed. 

Time to sell more products!

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