Creating DTG Products

Our Direct-To-Garment (DTG) styles are a great option when you're looking to place graphics onto specific areas of garments. Follow the steps below to create your own DTG products to sell.

Please make sure you review our Do's and Don'ts article before you create designs.

Choose a DTG Product to Create

1.  Log in to your Through6 Client Portal

2.  Navigate to the Create page and select a DTG style to design

3.  Click to the Create button on your selected DTG style

  • This will be an icon that looks like a pencil

Create Your Product

If the DTG style selected has our Product Designer interface enabled, please refer to our Product Designer Features article for creating a product

For our DTG product creation method using Photoshop, keep following the steps below.

4. Add an Art Name

  • The Art Name is limited to 30 characters max
  • No special characters can be used in Art Names

5. Check which color ways and sizes you want your new product to be available in

  • By default, all will be checked

6. Select your print placement(s)

  • The amount of print placements will determine the cost of your product; additional print placements will add to the cost as indicated
  • Print placement locations cannot be added or removed later; they are set during this step


7. Click Next

Design Your Product

8. Download the Artboard(s) for your artwork

  • Each print placement will have its own artboard to download
  • If you have multiple print locations, each location will have a separate template to download
  • Using the templates for each print location will ensure your artwork is the right size and reduce possible errors or delays for your orders


9.  Open the design template using Photoshop

10.  Place your artwork within the artboard guides

  • Guides on the PSD file will show you the printable area for your print location
  • Please note the specific instructions for placement and cropping

11. Crop the artboard to the bottom of your artwork

  • The width of the print area should remain the side; do not crop the sides
  • After you've cropped to the print area, crop to the bottom of your artwork


Tip: The blue guides will help you crop the artboard - just follow the screenshots provided below.


Export Your Artwork

12. Select File > Export > Export As... 

13. Save as a PNG with Transparency checked

  • You do not need to change any other settings if you are working from the downloaded template
  • Scale should remain at 100%
  • If you would like to check your image, open your exported PNG in Photoshop and select Image > Images Size... and confirm your Resolution is 300 pixels/inch

Upload Your Artwork

14. Return to your Through6 Client Portal, where you began creating your product

15. Upload your PNG art file by clicking “Select Files…”.

  • Once your art file has uploaded, it will show a preview
  • If you closed this page while designing in Photoshop, you can go back to Step 3 above


16. Click Next

  • You can now link your product to Shopify by adding some basic information in the fields shown below and clicking “Create Shopify Product”
  • If you want to add your product to Shopify manually, you can click “Skip Adding Product to Shopify”

To add your product to Shopify manually, you will need to input the SKU that is provided on your Client Portal product page, to your Shopify product page. Simply copy and paste the SKU from your Through6 product page to your Shopify product page. Alternatively, you can export your SKUs to an excel document using the "export to excel" feature on your Client Portal, and import those SKUs to your Shopify product listing(s).

You will be able to view the SKUs for each size in the “Product Variants” section shown below.


17. Once complete, you will be taken to the Product Page that will show you:

  • A preview of your art panel(s)
  • SKUs for each product variant
  • Sizes generated
  • Price for each variant

Tip: Please confirm and double-check that the product variant SKUs on your web store are exactly the same as the SKUs on your Through6 product. If they do not match, you may experience delays when placing orders.

Your Product has been Created

Congratulations! You've created a Direct-To-Garment product that you can now start selling!

You can always come back to the Product Page later by clicking View on products listed in the My Products page of your Client Portal.

It's time to make another design!

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