Ecommerce Reset

If you're looking to connect your Through6 products to a different ecommerce account or you've deleted the T6 app from your web store apps (or otherwise disconnected your ecommerce integration), you will need to have your ecomm settings reset.

Find your Brand Settings

This can be done by going to clicking on the User icon at the top-right of your Through6 Portal and going to Brands > Settings (on your desired brand) > Connect Your Brand then simple click the Disconnect button. 

Note: Any live orders on the system will not receive fulfillment and tracking information once the existing integration is disconnected.


If you've connected your ecommerce account and are not seeing your products, please check that they have been synced to your web store already. Simply syncing accounts will not automatically populate your Through6 products into your web store. 

If you delete a Through6 product on your web store and need it synced again, please use the Resync feature on the respective Through6 product page.

Have questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out at to our support team when needed!

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