How do I sync products to Shopify?

While you're always able to manually create products in Shopify directly thru the Shopify admin, we highly recommend that you start the process in the Through6 Portal at the completion of a newly created product.

At this time, there are two product design paths within the Through6 Portal, via our legacy Illustrator/Photoshop process or our new inline Product Designer experience. The latter process is available for a limited number of styles at this time, but more will be enabled quickly!

Legacy Illustrator/Photoshop Process

Read our full Sublimation Design walkthrough
Read our full Direct-To-Garment Design walkthrough

Product Designer Experience

1) Complete the design process and press PROCEED.

2) Enter the details you'd like to be added to your new Shopify product.

2A) You must choose SYNC TO SHOPIFY for this product to automatically be added to your Shopify store as an inactive product. All SKUs, weights, images and fulfillment details will also be automatically created.

2B) If you'd like your new product to also be automatically enabled for sale on your site, you must also check ADD TO SALES CHANNEL. This will only add to your default sales channel, special channels will need to be enabled directly in Shopify.

Syncing Product Later

You're welcome to come back after initial product design to sync your product, as well. Simple return to the Product View page, which you access from your My Products list page. Click the More Actions dropdown (pictured below) to Sync to Shopify.

Reviewing Your Shopify Product

In either the legacy or new design experience, you will want to ensure the products are properly and completely setup before selling. 

Any deviation from the required setup is likely to result in lost or incomplete order details, that can cause issues in both production and fulfillment of your customer's orders.You can navigate to your Shopify products directly thru the Shopify Admin, or use the Open in Shopify option on the Product View page, which can be found via the Product List Page or as the final step in product creation.

To ensure Shopify products have all required details you will want to:

  • Edit any variant from the specific Product Shopify page
  • Confirm Through6 is set as the Inventory Managed By designation
  • Confirm the Through6 generated SKU from the Through6 Product View page matches the Shopify Product page
  • Confirm the product is set as a physical product so long as the above details are synced between Through6 Portal and Shopify, subsequent orders will route to Through6 accordingly and track back to Shopify when shipped.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.

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