How do I look up my payments and invoices?

Through the User menu on the Through6 Portal, you can access your Payment History page.

1. Click on the User icon at the top-right of the page

2. From the menu, select Payment History

This will bring you to your Payments page.

Here, you can search, view, select, and download* your invoices. You may filter and sort for easier browsing.

Clicking on Items, Shipping, or Misc (either in the larger Invoice header or just above the itemized lists) will show you the charges for those categories.

*Note: Downloading multiple invoices may result in the download being emailed to you rather than being downloaded immediately via browser. This may take a few minutes and you might need to refresh your email inbox.

If your download is being emailed to you, this message will appear at the bottom of the page when you click Download:

Note: The Payments page is only accessible for those with Payments permission via User Settings. Please consult with your brand owner or user admin for access.

If you have any questions on your invoices or payments, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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