How do I re-sync my products with my web store?

If you've made changes to a product that is already synced to your web store, the Resync Product feature will make updating your product page a breeze.

When would I re-sync a product?

Below are a few examples of when you may want to re-sync a product with your ecommerce store. Most involve changes being made either on the product on the Through6 Portal or on your ecommerce product.

  • Resyncing a product you have deleted on your web store
  • You have deleted product images from your web store and need to resync them
  • Your product now has renders available and you would like to add them to your ecommerce product page*

    *For this instance, you will need to click 'Edit Design' on the product page and then 'Proceed' to re-save the product. This will add the previews to the product that you can then sync to your web store product page.

    This will only be available for products made via   Product Designer
  • Resyncing a product that you opted not to sync when previously updating it on the Through6 Portal
  • You enjoy our product sync tool and prefer to utilize it for re-syncing their product prices, i.e. it fits your systemized workflow and keeps things consistent

How do I re-sync a product?

There are three ways you can re-sync your products:

  1. Via the product menu on your My Products page

  2. On the product page via the menu selections at the top-right

  3. Updating/Re-saving your product via Product Designer

    For this method, you will click Edit Design the your product page and then simply click Proceed to re-save your product. No changes need to be made to the design.

    You will also receive this screen if you make changes to the design of a previously synced product.

    *Please note the required fields in red above. They will pull information from the previous sync, but always remember to review them as these will overwrite the information on your current web store product page.

    **Re-saving a product is how you can you add previews to a style that previously did not have them available when you created your product

Double-check the product information

Please be careful to confirm the information on your product as any changes you make during the re-sync process will overwrite product information on your web store product.

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